Farah Mohammad
Taang Arana
Screenprinted poster with hand coloring
The piece Taang Arana is a screenprinted poster. It is an extension of an ongoing project, Totewali, that I started with my sister, Inisyah Bergeron, in 2018. With Totewali we make literal representations of Urdu idioms, screenprint them on tote bags, and disseminate them. The idiom, “Taang Arana,” depicted on this poster literally translates to “getting leg tangled,” which means to interfere in another’s business.

FARAH MOHAMMAD is a Pakistani printmaker based in NYC. Some of her most recent works have been screenprints, monotypes, etchings and woodcuts of architectural structures that symbolize resilience. She draws inspiration from urban spaces undergoing change. Through her work she creates a visual reality, where her past and present, her Pakistani and American identities can all coexist.