Jacq Groves
Take Root

Inspired by Jonas Mekas’s reflection “if I spend at least three days in one place I start to take root”, this zine explores moments of growth despite constraint. Take Root uses Mekas’s ethos as a lens to view the shifting of seasons in the city and includes a compilation of photographs. The zine acts as a montage of diaristic witnessing in this urban landscape from peeks inside overlooked construction zones to instances of nature breaching its bounds.

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JACQ GROVES is a New York-based interdisciplinary artist. Informed by scientific inquiry, play, and speculative fiction, they create work investigating what it means to defy taxonomic categorization and reductive binaries. They were the recent recipient of the Joan Sovern Sculpture Award and of a Dean's Project Grant at Columbia University. When not in the studio, they are avidly foraging mushrooms.