John Thomas Levee
108 Day Project
Single-channel video

Referent to Mekas’ 365 Day Project, this piece is a collection of short films shot over the course of Jonas Mekas: The Camera Was Always Running. Beginning February 18, 2022, until June 5, 2022, a short film is made each day, for a total of 108 films. Each film is contained within a single 3.5” diskette, for an approximate duration of 60 seconds per day at a quality of 160p. The films read as diary entries for the artist over the course of the 108 day period.

JOHN THOMAS LEVEE is an artist and composer working at the intersection of a variety of mediums. His work often examines notions of human interaction with the environment and with technology. Obsolete technology, field recordings, and found objects are all integral to Levee’s work. For him, all of these components are evocative of specific places and times, and function as transportive tools.︎︎︎