Lindsey Brittain Collins
The Past is Not Past
Video, 3:17 minutes
This piece interrogates the purpose and placement of Confederate monuments in America. The artist’s experience of confronting the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, VA is narrated by a video of a projected light installation on Jonathan Horowitz’s piece, Untitled (August 23, 2017- February 18, 2018, Charlottesville, VA), that was on view at the Jewish Museum in 2020-21.

Video Credits
Editor: C. Jones
Narration: Monica L. Saxton
Photography: Ryan Best

LINDSEY BRITTAIN COLLINS is a painter based in New York. Her work explores how architecture, economic structures, history, and aesthetics shape urban environments and racial perceptions. Through painting, collage, sculpture, photography, and installation, she records moments in time that narrate her own experiences within urban spaces and built environments. She received her BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Virginia and her MBA from Columbia Business School. In 2018, she was appointed by the Governor of Virginia to the Art and Architectural Review Board for the state. Lindsey is currently a Visual Arts MFA candidate at Columbia. ︎︎︎