Sasha Fishman (with Earth Aengel)
Medium Spicy Moat Regeneration
Stained glass, steel, aluminum, copper, pewter, bronze, patina, shells, moonstones, crystals, ceramic, lights, body wax, mica, electroplated copper, blown and flameworked glass, water, kelp, fish bait, cloves, star anise, quinoa, dill, poison seeds, paper pulp, spirulina, sand, turmeric, borax, salts

This collaborative installation responds to the impact that the Sassoons had on globalization and the supply chain. With a focus on recreating trade routes by exchanging our studio residues and finding ways to melt and mold them together to redistribute, regenerate, and cultivate, we attempt to both form and extract from the illogical system, questioning the hierarchies of perceived value systems (spiritual, cultural, or physical value) within the industrialized complex.
SASHA FISHMAN (b. 1995, Baltimore, MD) is a sculptor and researcher based in New York. Sasha has exhibited her work in New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Baltimore. She is particularly interested in marine biomaterials, toxicology and genetic engineering as points for critical analysis and mechanisms for sculpting. Sasha is currently a Sculpture MFA candidate at Columbia University.

EARTH ÆNGEL (They/Them) is an international trans artist and curator that creates from their own non-binary gender fluid experience, navigating fantastical queer ecology through the dysphoria of hetero-centric capitalism. Earth Ængel is a recent MFA graduate of Goldsmiths University in London. They live and work in Brooklyn, NY.︎︎︎︎︎︎