Vivian Vivas
(with Claire Gendler)
Expanded Cinema

Blurring the personal with the fantastic, the ephemeral with the historical, the present with the past, one questions the boundaries of experience and the relationship between heritage, migration, death, and the afterlife. 16mm, Super 8, Cinegram, transferred to video and live performance.

With performers: Aundrea Anderson, Hailey Andrews, Hanna Andrews, Vena Cava, Anya Combs, Elizabeth Dashiell, Victoria Holiday, Allie Jessing, Marija Kovacevic, Warhola Pop, Devon Travis, Annie White. Voice: Claire Gendler.

VIVIAN VIVAS is a visual artist that fuses moving image, sound, photography, performance, unchoreographed dance, and installation. Her work challenges boundaries in contemporary issues, raising questions about ecology, migration, and identity. Most recently, she is a finalist for the 2022 Frankenthaler Climate Award and co-chaired the film selection committee for the UN Women Film Festival. 

CLAIRE GENDLER is a vocalist, performer, instructor, and musician from San Jose, California. She earned her MFA in Vocal Performance from CalArts with a specialization in Operatic Vocal Performance and is the director of the Vocal Arts branch of D.A.M. and teaches the internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program, Music Together.︎︎︎